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What is a Honeymoon Registry?

A honeymoon gift registry is similar to a traditional wedding gift registry where you register for items you wish to receive as wedding gifts, except it that is specifically tailored for your honeymoon.

It is made up of all the activities and experiences you would like to enjoy on your honeymoon as gifts for your family and friends to select.

A honeymoon registry is ideal for couples that have lived together before getting engaged and already have most of the household items that have traditionally been wedding gifts in the past.

Our Honeymoon Registry is a leading online service, offering beautiful, flexible and secure honeymoon gift registries.

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Sample Honeymoon Registry

How Does it Work?


Create a

  • Register for your free trial and easily create a beautiful honeymoon gift registry.
  • Personalise your registry with a choice of multiple layouts, colours, and stunning visual effects.
  • Add experiences and activities from around the world as gifts for your guests to select.

Invite your

  • Include your registry address with your wedding invitations so your guests can choose the gifts they would like to contribute to your honeymoon.
  • Receive an email with your guests details and message whenever a gift is chosen.

Enjoy your

  • See a report of all your guests and the gift(s) they have chosen.
  • Collect your guests' contributions to book your dream honeymoon
  • Share your experiences as you enjoy the wonderful gifts your guests have contributed.

Why choose us?

Our Honeymoon Registry gives you the best looking registries in the business, customisable to fit the theme of your wedding, and is flexible and secure. We don't collect payment on your behalf, nor charge you a commission for the gifts you put through the system.

Easy registration and set up – We only need your name and email address to get you up and running, and we give you easy-to-use tools to make your registry as beautiful and elegant as your wedding.

Beautiful - Our honeymoon registries look gorgeous and are easy to use by both couples and guests.

Flexible - You have full control over your honeymoon. We are not affilated with a travel agent and we don't require you to book your honeymoon with any particular travel agency or airline.

Secure - Your guests make their contributions directly to you, either on the day or by bank transfer to your account. We don't hold any funds on your behalf.

Easy for your guests - We've made it easy for your guests to browse your registry and choose a gift, and they'll enjoy seeing the activities and experiences you have planned for your honeymoon.

Privacy Guaranteed – All our registries have the option to be password protected so you and your friends can log on to your registry, but nobody else can. We do not sell your information and do not allow any spam.

Pricing We don’t charge your guests for using the service, nor do we charge you a commission fee or transaction charge. We only charge a one-time payment which allows your to create as many gifts and invite as many guests as you want.

Support - We provide personal, dedicated support to you and your guests.

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