Adding your own choice of photos to your registry

Adding your own choice of photos to your registry

Weddings should be beautiful. It is a truth universally acknowledged! That’s why at Our Honeymoon Registry, we’ve worked so hard to make our registries the most beautiful in the business, laden with stunning images to capture the essence of what you want your honeymoon to look like (and make all your guests jealous!!!).

Since it is such a personal aspect of what you dream of in a honeymoon, it was important to us that people making their registries would be able to personalise it and can choose which images they want to use throughout. You might like some or all of the images we suggest for you (that’s the much quicker option), but it’s fun to put in at least some of your own choosing.

Some tips on choosing images for the main welcome screen:

  • This is a big screen shot so you really do need a high resolution photo. Shots from phones invariably come out grainy and dull in tone. It’s worth getting a good, clear photo for this one, because when you get it right, it’s a stunning sight to dazzle your guests with.
  • Look for images with a lot of “clear space”. The text (if you choose to have text) will take up a portion of the screen and for ease of reading, it’s good to have a background which isn’t too busy. Visually, these big shots with one clear focal point also pack the biggest punch, even without text.
  • Any image of the two of you which is high resolution and has a lot of clear spaces (think big skies, sandy beaches, brick walls, fields of grass, etc) looks great. Some options that might work for you include:
    • An image from a professional photo shoot, if you went for this option when you got engaged
    • An image of the two of you in a place which is special to you, like the place you met, a favourite holiday spot or where the proposal took place
    • A pic of your honeymoon destination
    • A pic of your wedding venue, for example if it’s going to be in a beautiful garden, or at the beach
    • An element from your wedding invitation

... and now for some tips on choosing images for the gift items:

  • The images will all be resized into a landscape style rectangle, so if you choose a portrait style image it’s likely to look oddly compressed when it shows up on your registry. If you really want to use a particular portrait style image, think about cropping it down using software like photoshop or picmonkey (
  • The final size of the image will be up to 480 pixels high depending on which layout you choose (the width will be adjusted to stay in proportion with the height), so if your image is smaller than this, it’s also likely to become distorted and grainy when it shows up on your registry.
  • It can be nice to use a literal representation of the gift if you know exactly what you want (eg, if you’ve chosen a specific luxury hotel, sometimes you can use actual images from their website, often for accommodation, but also spa treatments, and restaurant meals), OR
  • Sometimes people like to be a bit whimsical in their choice of pictures, such as:
    Adding your own choice of photos to your registry

    Scuba diving lessons

    Adding your own choice of photos to your registry

    Transportation around the island

    Adding your own choice of photos to your registry

    Donation to charity for saving endangered animals

Check out our sample registry for more ideas, or click here for more info on creating your own honeymoon registry. Happy planning!

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