Announcing Our Honeymoon Registry

Announcing Our Honeymoon Registry

Our Honeymoon Registry is an online gift registry service that allows wedding guests to contribute to the honeymoon instead of giving traditional wedding presents, and we’re really excited to finally be launching to the public!

Not to be clichéd – but it’s been a long journey. The concept initially came from the company director’s real-life wedding experience back in 2006. Since then, we’ve been honing the design over several years on a steady stream of couples who saw it at their friend’s wedding and asked if we could do one for them too. So with lots of use, lots of adjustments from the feedback, and (thankfully!!) lots of positive responses from wedding guests whenever it’s used, we’re happy that it’s finally ready to go out into the online world!

What makes Our Honeymoon Registry unique is that guests can give an actual event in your travels. This can be anything you can think up... maybe some concert tickets, a massage, a game at Yankee Stadium… the sky’s the limit (although sky-diving makes a great gift!). It’s really personal, and guests know their gift will form part of the wedding memories you’ll have for the rest of your life.

We also think Our Honeymoon Registry is a cut above the rest because of the way we handle guest payments. More specifically: we don’t! When we looked at using other registries for our own weddings, we really didn’t like the way they were clearly manhandling the money, and charging commission on gift payments meant for the bride and groom. So we decided with Our Honeymoon Registry the payment is made directly to the bride and groom either through a bank direct deposit, cash or cheque.

So with a final BIG thank-you to all the people who’ve given us such support and positive feedback over the past few years, and congratulations to the newly-engaged couples who are checking out this site, we hope Our Honeymoon Registry keeps on living up to its motto of giving couples the honeymoon of their dreams AND being such a gorgeous travel registry all their friends will be inspired to go travelling too!

Check out our sample registry for more ideas, or click here for more info on creating your own honeymoon registry. Happy planning!

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