How to travel like a rock-star – because you have a travel registry, and you can!

How to travel like a rock-star – because you have a travel registry, and you can!

This is a post for those who like to travel in style and maximum comfort. We know that this isn’t for everyone – a lot of people like to use their honeymoon registry gifts to have as many different experiences and adventures as possible on their travels, and pampering takes away from opportunities to explore (If that’s more your cup of tea then take a look at at these couples’ honeymoon experiences here and here). However, there are those whose ideal honeymoon is less about packing in the adventures and more about relaxing in five-star style, and a honeymoon registry is a perfect way to maximise the pamper-factor because it makes for great gift opportunities. Plus, putting those extra-special lux registry items in will distinguish this wonderful honeymoon from your other travel experiences, where most people exclude a lot of those things they’d have liked to do due to cost factors. So, what are our top registry gift ideas for glamming it up on your honeymoon?

  • Limousine pick-up to and from the airport. Should you have to wait in line for a taxi when you’re on your honeymoon? Hell no!
  • Champagne on arrival. Hit the ground running with the honeymoon celebrations.
  • Fine cuisine. Wherever you are, don’t overlook the gift ideas that come from going to really good restaurants. It takes a little bit of planning and pre-booking, but it’s worth it because fine food will really add to the richness of the memories you’ll take home with you.
  • Flight upgrade. Some people love this gift option, others see it as a bit impersonal. It’s all about your priorities, the price range of your gifts, and how many different activities you’d like to do when you arrive. Realistically, this may be the sort of gift that a few people need to contribute to, rather than a single gift option. It can be a great gift option if you have a long-haul flight ahead of you and you plan to laze on a resort which doesn’t have a very wide range of gift options upon arrival. The extra space and comfort on the flight will make the journey so much more comfortable and can help reduce jet-lag because you often get a much a better night’s sleep.
  • Spa treatments. Perennially popular with our customers, this one’s just a great registry gift option all round. The wonderful thing about a gift registry spa treatment is you’re not breaking the bank, so you don’t have to stop at one! It’s a great chance to try some of the weird and wonderful options you’ve always wondered about but probably never prioritised. There are hot rocks, seaweed wraps, whale choruses and luminescent tanks of jellyfish out there to sooth away the stresses of modern life – so find the best options at your destination and go wild with the registry!
  • Mani/pedis. Sandy beaches can be so darn destructive to those wedding-perfect fingers and toes. Or maybe you just love the foot massage that goes with it. If it’s not to the groom’s liking, you could check to see if they do foot massages as a stand-alone treatment. Alternatively, you can choose to do two totally separate gifts, one for the bride and another for the groom, to be done on that same day. This can be a good option if there are a few things one person might like to do, but not the other; for example, one might absolutely love a day playing golf, but the other can’t stand the thought of it.

Just a few options to think of if this is way you love to travel. It’s all about personalising the honeymoon to make it just perfect for the two of you.

Check out our sample registry for more ideas, or click here for more info on creating your own honeymoon registry. Happy planning!

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