So what’s so special about Our Honeymoon Registry?

So what’s so special about Our Honeymoon Registry?

Your honeymoon should be your ultimate holiday experience, a fun and relaxing romantic escape or thrilling adventure with your new partner. Many couples live together before getting married and already own the household items that make up traditional wedding gifts, so honeymoon registries are becoming increasing popular in lieu of traditional bridal registries.

We give you the ability to easily create a beautiful registry that complements your wedding and offers your guests the opportunity to contribute to gifts that make up the activities and experiences that you will enjoy on your honeymoon. Most importantly, we don’t charge your guests for using the service, nor do we charge you a commission fee or transaction charge, only a once-off set up charge. You have complete control over where guests’ gift money goes. Guests pay the value of their gift to you directly, either into your own bank account, or in-person at the wedding. We don't hold any funds on your behalf.

We’re flexible too. Your gifts can be anything at all as we’re not tied to a travel agency or hotel chain. Elephant ride in Chiang-Mai? Tour of the Louvre? Donation to your favourite charity? Literally anything you want.

And finally our registries are the best looking in the industry, with many customisable options to get the look and feel that you want. We’re horrified that other registries try to plaster your site with ads, with us you'll just get a clean, gorgeous registry that showcases the gift options for your guests.

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