Top Five Tips for the Groom

Top Five Tips for the Groom

In the past, grooms haven’t often had so much to do with wedding planning. They might have been relegated to dealing with things like transportation and the reception band, plus the odd thank-a-thon speech. These days expectations about the involvement of the groom are changing, especially from many of the grooms themselves! For those of you out there who feel a little lost at sea regarding how much to do and what the main faux pas are, here’s a little list to set you on the right path.

  1. Register together
    Yes, this might take you an entire afternoon or two, but at least with a honeymoon registry you won’t have to stand there with your hands in your pockets shopping! You’ll regret the decision not to be involved in the planning if you arrive at the destination and all the gifts that you’ve been given are for activities you couldn’t care less about... and they are scheduled to take up your entire honeymoon. Get involved, and really think about the things you love doing when you travel. You can look here and here to get some ideas from other couples who used Our Honeymoon Registry. It’s surprising how many people feel compelled to have a certain type of journey just because it’s a “Honeymoon” – but that’s a mistake. It’s more important to stay true to yourselves and your style of travel. If you both love a muddy trekking adventure-type holiday, then go wild with that because that’s going to provide you with the most fantastic memories for the rest of your lives.
  2. Ex-girlfriends do not belong at your wedding.
    Need we say more?
  3. The bride is always right, not the parents or future parents-in-law.
    Remember that this is you and your fiancée’s wedding, not your parents’ wedding and not your partner’s parents’ wedding. Make sure there are not too many people sticking their opinions in regarding the wedding as it will fry your fiancée’s nerves.
  4. Keep the romance alive
    Be careful not to get snowed under with the planning and organising, so that you forget to have fun and enjoy the excitement that should be there for your upcoming wedding. The little things count here. Try to have some wedding-planning-free time together in the lead-up to the big day. On the day of the wedding, maybe surprise the bride by getting a friend to bring over a fabulous breakfast treat for her, or pack a little gift to surprise her with on the honeymoon.
  5. Speeches, speeches, speeches!
    Get it right, and you’re the heart and soul of the party. Get it wrong, and people have spent all evening waiting with great expectation… to hear you say a bunch of thank-yous and then walk off. Be wary of the thank-a-thon speeches! Yes, you should thank various people for their involvement, but if that’s all there is to it then it’s not the funny, emotional story that everyone hopes to hear. A little anecdote here, a little history there… it’s not so hard to make it special. How did you meet? What did you think when you first saw her? Did you ever try really hard to impress her and ended up with a very different story to tell? Remember to PLAN and PRACTISE the speech!!!!! It will be worth it, we promise!

So, lots of things to think about and fun times to be had by all (Heheh! I can almost hear everyone groaning about that advice on speeches!!). Happy planning to our lucky grooms-to-be!

Check out our sample registry for more ideas, or click here for more info on creating your own honeymoon registry. Happy planning!

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