Choosing WHEN to honeymoon: To travel now… or then?

Choosing WHEN to honeymoon: To travel now… or then?

Are you planning on going on your honeymoon straight after the wedding? It used to be a given that that’s how a honeymoon was done, but increasingly couples are choosing to delay their travel plans until a few weeks, or sometimes even a few months after the wedding. Why would they do that, you ask? Well, let’s take a look at the pros and cons:

Delaying the honeymoon after the wedding – PROS:

  • It gives you time to relax! Be under no illusions here, weddings are a BIG day and you’ll spend the entire time posing for photos and mingling with guests. You’ll love every minute of it, but by day’s end the beautiful bride’s feet will ache from those fabulous shoes and she’ll probably be wishing that stunning gown wasn’t quite so well-fitted... Going straight to the airport and dealing with queues and jetlag may be the last thing you want to do.
  • Less planning. Even those with outstanding organisational skills will be rushed at the end – it’s unavoidable with so many things that need to be checked at the last minute. Then there are bridesmaids coming over to have hair and make-up done, relatives milling around your home, pre-wedding photos… do you really want to try and organise your packing at the same time? Do you want to be wondering where you’ve put your toothbrush on the day of your wedding?
  • Getting the season right. This is a big factor in the honeymoon-delay rationale. If you’ve always wanted to go to Venice on your honeymoon, there’s no point going in winter when it’s flooded, even if that time of year is perfect weather for a wedding where you live.

Delaying the honeymoon after the wedding - CONS:

  • Where’s the buzz?! After the massive high you’ll be on from your wedding, it’s not much fun to just go home afterwards like it wasn’t a life-changing day!
  • A holiday, or a honeymoon? If you delay the trip by too much, you run the risk that it will feel like a “normal” trip instead of a honeymoon.

Tips for choosing when to travel if you don’t want to delay the journey

  • Give yourselves a day to recover. If you’ve got a long flight ahead of you, consider staying locally for a day at a gorgeous hotel in your own city to relax and recover from the wedding before heading off to the airport.
  • Can you plan the wedding date around the honeymoon? If there’s somewhere you REALLY want to go for your honeymoon and certain seasons are off-limits at that destination, try to choose a wedding date that falls in the right season for visiting.
  • Let the destination suit the season. Be ruthless! If the seasons really don’t match up for the wedding and honeymoon destination and you don’t want to move the wedding or delay the trip, then go somewhere else instead! You’ll thank us for this tough love approach one day!
  • Plan to take it easy when you get there. It’s a good idea to schedule those easy-going gifts like massages and theatre tickets for the first day or two of your honeymoon to give you a chance to wind-down, and leave the horse-back riding and scuba-diving for later on. We’ve got some ideas on how to choose gifts here.

A few ideas to think about, anyway.

Check out our sample registry for more ideas, or click here for more info on creating your own honeymoon registry. Happy planning!

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