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You Spoke we Listened

Over the past few months we’ve had some customers contact us to say that they felt the registry could be improved with a few extra features they felt were necessary as they set up their registries. We love customer feedback, and our goal is to have an online honeymoon registry offering not only the most beautiful registries out there, but also the site which gives you the most control over the look and functionality of your registry. So, we’ve taken the feedback on board and built those features into our product!

Here’s a little update on the new features you can use when creating your registry:

Choose your currency

People in America like to use US dollars in their registries… people in England like to use pounds... you get the picture. Fair enough. Now you can select the currency you want to work with in your registry from a wide range of options. After all, the money is going directly into your bank account, so it makes sense to be the currency used in your country. Simply select the currency you want to work in on the “Account Information” page, as shown below.

You Spoke we Listened
Let more than one person choose a particular gift

Clearly, this function is not necessary for a standard gift option – why would you need 15 souvenir T-shirts, for example? That’s the reason why we didn’t include this option in the first place. However, a few customers have pointed out that it is useful for certain types of gifts, especially charity donations. If you nominate charity donations as a gift, there’s no reason to limit only one person to giving the gift, but you also wouldn’t want to repost the same gift option 15 times on your registry just in case that many people want to choose it.

You Spoke we Listened

By the same reasoning, it’s also useful if you want to give multiple people the option to contribute to a larger gift, such as flight tickets or a flight upgrade. It’s up to you, but we would suggest you let people know if they are contributing to a gift rather than giving it outright; many guests particularly like using Our Honeymoon Registry because they have given an actual gift experience rather just than donating money. That said, “contribution” gifts, so to speak, can be an easy way to add extra gift options if you’ve run out of ideas for different price ranges that you’d like to include, as you can make it whatever price you want. Mainly, it’s another option for you to use if want to – the choice is yours! To use this function, tick the box on the “Edit Gift” page, as shown below.

So there you have it: two more ways you can personalise your registry just the way you like it. Feel free to call or email if you have any queries or suggestions of your own – we love feedback!

Check out our sample registry for more ideas, or click here for more info on creating your own honeymoon registry. Happy planning!

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