Our honeymoon registries are beautiful, easy to use, and individual.

Whether your gifts include an elephant ride in Chiang-Mai, or a tour of the Louvre, you can be sure your guests will love being able to give a gift that will provide lasting memories for you.

What’s more, you have complete control over where guests’ gift money goes. Guests pay the value of their gift to you directly, either into your own bank account, or in-person at the wedding.

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Add any gifts you want

Your registry can consist of anything that you are planning or have booked for your honeymoon.

Gifts can include travel tickets, accommodation, romantic dinners, massages, day trips, souvenirs, cocktails... You're only limited by your imagination!

Share your experiences

Send your guests personalised thank you messages, photos and videos from your honeymoon, straight from your registry.

Share your experiences privately or through our integration with Twitter and Facebook as you experience the wonderful gifts your guests have contributed.

Design your registry

Personalise your registry with a choice of multiple layouts, colours, and stunning visual effects.

Bring your gifts to life with your own images or let us pick them for you from our vast photo library.

Greet your guests in style

First impressions count and every aspect of your wedding should look stunning – including your registry.

Greet your guests with your own perfect picture and welcome message to embody the spirit of your wedding.

Categorise your gifts

If you have a lot of gifts then you can optionally assign categories to make choosing gifts easier for your guests.

Categorise your gifts by country, activity, or create your own custom categories.

Personalise your emails

A beautiful wedding gift deserves a thank-you, and your registry can automatically email personalised thank-you emails to all your friends and family who use the site.

Easy to use

We give you easy-to-use tools to make your registry as beautiful and elegant as your wedding.

Add as many items as you like, in whatever categories you choose, and make changes at any time, right up to the day of your wedding.


All our registries have the option to be password protected so you and your friends can log on to your registry, but nobody else can.

Plus, as your guests pay you directly, no financial transactions go through our website which means a safer transaction for your guests and more control for you.

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